France: ‘I will not ask for instructions from Mrs Merkel’ – Le Pen

French presidential candidate for the Front National, Marine Le Pen said she would not ask for “instructions” from “Mrs Merkel” at her electoral rally in Clairvaux-Les-Lacs on Friday evening.

“And well, it is exactly what the presidential candidates also think
what will be the first thing they will do?

They will go and see Mrs Merkel? ‘Mrs Merkel is she right to do this?
Is she right to do that?

Merkel, Junker are the perpetuators of this dominance. You will see that
they will all make the same trip to Brussels to ask for instructions.

But I won’t. I will not ask for instructions from Mrs Merkel, Mr Juncker
nor Mr Draghi.”

Published on Feb 17, 2017

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